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Finger Paint Makeup Package – Before & After Pics!

24 Jun

Hey Everyone!  Woo…long time no talk.  Things have been a little hectic, but in a good way!  My husband, dog and I moved a few months back, and plan on moving again in the Fall (staying in Chucktown of course).  Wedding season has been busy busy, and I’ve loved every minute of it!  Even though I’ve been doing makeup for over 15 years now, I’ve finished up my first official year in business as FPM and am so incredibly pleased and grateful with the outcome!  

…and OH!  I’m pregnant!!  There’s some big news for you!  We are thrilled and cannot wait for what’s to come!  

I have been dying to blog now for months, but I honestly had a terrible case of writer’s block woe’s.  I’d come up with ideas at the most random moments, then I’d sit at my computer and POOF, they were gone.  Does that ever happen to you?  Anywho…here I am, I’m back and I sure hope I can keep the writing motivation going!

Ok enough of that!  Let’s talk makeup!  I recently did a Finger Paint Makeup Package  for my lovely client, Jenny.  This is the largest package that I offer!  I also like to call it “FPM MAKEUP OVERHAUL EXTRAVAGANZA”.  Here is the basic breakdown of what’s offered with the package, and then we’ll get to the pictures…(I love me some before and after’s!)

Consultation:  We chat about all things makeup related.  We pull makeup photos that you like and I learn about some basic details regarding your makeup routine.  The primary goal here is to find out your makeup comfort level and what fits into your lifestyle.  Ultimately, we determine what’s going to make you feel amazing in your own skin. 

Makeup Bag Makeover:  Turn that makeup bag upside down and we will dissect its contents.  We’ll determine what works for you and what doesn’t.  We’ll also discuss sanitation tips and how long you should really hang on to that favorite face powder.

Face Templates:  We will put together some beautiful, easy customized looks!  Based on everything we’ve learned during your consultation, I’ll determine the right colors for you and we’ll come up with some great new looks.

Shopping List:  Based on our face templates, your budget and what you already own, I put together a list of products recommended for purchase.  This will make it easy for you to make a quick dash by a makeup counter and say “I need this product in this color”…..aaaaand…DONE. 

Makeup Training and Professional Makeover:  We’ll finish all this up with a makeover and training.  I will show you step by step how to create one of the looks on your face templates.  We will cover everything, from ‘how do I apply my foundation?’ to ‘how do I accentuate my jaw line and cheek bones?’ to some fancy but EASY eye shadow application techniques…and much more.

Phew!  That’s it!  There is a lot to this package, but it really is a full makeup overhaul and gives you that “YES, I feel like me again…and damn, I look good” mentality to walk away from me with.  That’s really all I want for my clients.

Okay, now for some pictures so you can see what all this looks like!  

World, here’s Jenny.  Jenny is absolutely gorgeous.  She has incredible bone structure, not to mention eyes that truly sparkle.  Our goal was to emphasize those features, so we focused on face contouring utilizing bronzer’s and highlighters and made her eyes the focal point.  She is a career woman and wanted a fresh, pulled together look that could take her from day to night.


Above is the consultation form…and below we are creating face templates for Jenny to reference at home.  We reviewed all the steps and techniques needed to duplicate the look.


Here we are starting our FPM Professional Makeover with a fresh clean slate…


As promised, a before and after pic below!  What do you think?


If you’d like to learn more about the package, email me at kristin@fingerpaintmakeup.com.  Feel free to check out FPM’s website for more information as well!




Surprise! Samples at your door…

27 Aug

And there it was…sitting in it’s perfectly packaged brown and pink box, just waiting to be opened.  It was my Birchbox!  “What on earth is a Birchbox,” you ask?  It’s a monthly delivery of trial size samples “from both well-known brands and emerging gems” (I stole that line from their site).  So I decided to sign up and see what it was all about.  I mean why not, I am a bit of a junkie with products, so this had my name all over it!

So here’s the box I got in the mail.  So cute right?  Of course, I would have preferred purple over pink print, but it’ll do…

And here it is with the top of the box removed…all wrapped nicely in tissue paper, along with a note on top…so so cute!

I unwrapped the tissue paper to reveal my surprise samples (who doesn’t love a surprise, and every month yay!)…

Holy cow, that looks like a full size sample of cleanser, something for my hair…and is that a snack?  Yes!  A Larabar.  And there looks to be something else hidden under some more tissue paper!  Whoops, didn’t realize how blurry this photo was, but you’ll get the gist.

So all in all, I got a sample size perfume by Juicy Couture (which I love, it smells like flowers sweetened with sugar), a gigantic brightening cleanser (takes off all my makeup, even eye makeup!), a Larabar (which was eaten within minutes, and was delicious by the way), a hair volumizer (which I am excited to try), and a BB cream (which is the new thing on the shelf these days…I talk about one of my faves in this blog, in case you missed it https://fingerpaintmakeup.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cant-stop-lovin-you-6/).

I almost forgot…they included this little postcard explaining the products…(again blurry, sorry, don’t hurt your eyes)

Who knew you could pack so much fun in such a tiny little box.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to next months new package of goodies to sample!  

Subtle Smokey Eye – Video

28 Oct

Hi Everyone! I came up with the name Finger Paint Makeup for multiple reasons, one of which was to remind us that makeup is meant to be fun, never intimidating. I’ve put together this how-to video showing a subtle, day-time smokey eye. The amount of makeup you wear should always be to your comfort level, where you feel most relaxed and confident. This look is basic, and can easily be applied with a heavier amount of color to give a more dramatic pop. Take a look, give it a shot and have fun!

Who doesn’t love a makeover?

1 Sep

THE MISSION: Out with the old and in with the new! But on a budget please!

That’s exactly what I did with Shauna, owner of Mackenzie Image Consulting. Oh the fun we had! Here was the plan:

1. Makeup Bag Makeover

2. Makeup Shopping on a Budget

3. Consultation and Makeovers!

I love rummaging through makeup bags…I get this excited rush as I dig through the colors. Its the same excitement I’d get when I was young tearing open a present. I start sifting, frantically looking for inspiration. My gut tells me what to toss and what is absolutely magnificent, we must keep! I find a dark chocolatey-taupe that would make Shauna’s beautiful gold/green eyes pop! That goes in one pile…we’ll call that “the pile of wonderfulness”. Then…there’s the other pile. “Toss it, toss it all” Shauna exclaims! She was the absolute perfect candidate. Totally open for something new, and excited for the fun to come!

After the purge, we went makeup shopping! We got three eye shadow looks, two blushes, a concealer, mascara, eyeliner and eyelash curler inserts…all for around $60. We can thank Revlon, L’oreal, CoverGirl and Wet n Wild for some fantastic colors at very reasonable prices.

After using a mineral powder that Shauna already owned, along with some concealer we purchased, we tried out these looks!

Look #1: Eggplant purples on the eyes with a plum cheek and a gorgeous mauve gloss that Shauna already owned.

Look #2: I was just dying to enhance Shauna’s eyes, so we grabbed some olive green and a deep yellow gold to go with a peach on her cheeks and a very pretty transparent orange/peach gloss that she also already owned.

Look#3: Lastly we used that lovely chocolatey/taupe color that we kept, mixed with some neutral peach shadows that we purchased for her eyes. Paired with the orange/peach gloss and peach cheek, she was a put-together stunning beauty. See the before and afters below!

Check out some more pics and two great posts from Shauna’s perspective:

Part I: http://mackenzieimage.com/blog/?p=1547

Part II: http://mackenzieimage.com/blog/?p=1575&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+mackenzieimage%2FGlDz+%28Mackenzie%27s+Blog%29

Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...

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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...