Quiet on set! HGTV Makeup Gig

11 Dec

And here I am….I always wanted to hold one of these things and yell “Action!”  I am so corny, and a little too excited in this photo – ha.


This past Fall I took on a ten day job to work as the Makeup Artist on set for the HGTV Dream Home 2013.  HGTV is the sister network of the Food Network (another one of my favorites).  Ten days of makeup, hair and styling for project managers, interior designers, architects,  builders and developers.  This year the home is out on Kiawah Island, which is absolutely gorgeous.  A few years ago I visited Kiawah Island for the first time and my jaw dropped.  Coming from New England, it definitely does not compare to anything I was used to.  The landscaping is immaculate, and the plush greenery makes you feel as if you’ve entered a rain forest.  The hours were early and long during this shoot, but I have to admit seeing the sun rise every morning through the sea grass and over the marsh, really made it worth it.  Oh yea, and I got to do what I love every day!

Along with the architects, builders and developers, I worked with Designer/Host Monica Pedersen…



…Project Manager Jack Thomasson…


and Interior Designer Linda Woodrum


The collaborated job on this house was incredible; everything from the construction to the landscape and decorating were amazing!  Here is where I set up shop…the upstairs guest bathroom.


And here is the outside of the house…blue skies just about every day!  The house was always surrounded by butterflies too.  I couldn’t help but take a couple photos…




Here I am in the back of the house waiting in between sets.  I look petrified don’t I?!  ha!  I’m just in ‘work mode’…


…and lastly here is that beautiful sunrise I saw every morning.  Breathtaking huh?  Even looks nice through a window while moving ; )  This was an incredible experience for me, as is every makeup job I take on.  I very much enjoyed working with GoTo Team, the Scripps Network and all of the talented people that came together to make this happen.  I can’t wait to see the show air on Dec 28th!  Check out this link for more info on how to enter the sweepstakes:  HGTV Dream Home 2013.




Surprise! Samples at your door…

27 Aug

And there it was…sitting in it’s perfectly packaged brown and pink box, just waiting to be opened.  It was my Birchbox!  “What on earth is a Birchbox,” you ask?  It’s a monthly delivery of trial size samples “from both well-known brands and emerging gems” (I stole that line from their site).  So I decided to sign up and see what it was all about.  I mean why not, I am a bit of a junkie with products, so this had my name all over it!

So here’s the box I got in the mail.  So cute right?  Of course, I would have preferred purple over pink print, but it’ll do…

And here it is with the top of the box removed…all wrapped nicely in tissue paper, along with a note on top…so so cute!

I unwrapped the tissue paper to reveal my surprise samples (who doesn’t love a surprise, and every month yay!)…

Holy cow, that looks like a full size sample of cleanser, something for my hair…and is that a snack?  Yes!  A Larabar.  And there looks to be something else hidden under some more tissue paper!  Whoops, didn’t realize how blurry this photo was, but you’ll get the gist.

So all in all, I got a sample size perfume by Juicy Couture (which I love, it smells like flowers sweetened with sugar), a gigantic brightening cleanser (takes off all my makeup, even eye makeup!), a Larabar (which was eaten within minutes, and was delicious by the way), a hair volumizer (which I am excited to try), and a BB cream (which is the new thing on the shelf these days…I talk about one of my faves in this blog, in case you missed it https://fingerpaintmakeup.wordpress.com/2012/02/20/cant-stop-lovin-you-6/).

I almost forgot…they included this little postcard explaining the products…(again blurry, sorry, don’t hurt your eyes)

Who knew you could pack so much fun in such a tiny little box.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to next months new package of goodies to sample!  

Easy Peasy Contouring

8 Aug

With my husband at the wheel and puppy snoozin’ in the back seat, I started flipping through this month’s Allure magazine, and came across a great product. When I find something compact and easy to use with simple instruction, I have to spread the word.

Ok here it is…Lancome Blush Subtil Palette…three colors that create a natural, sculpted cheek bone and subtle glow. From left to right you have a matte taupe powder, a gorgeous shimmery golden peach (ideal for warm skin tones), and a champagne highlighter.


Here are some quick application instructions:

Taupe Contour – Using a small, angled blush brush apply in a C shape from temples to below your cheek bone.

Golden Peach Blush – Tap off the angled brush and apply blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Champagne Highlighter – Using your finger, lightly tap the highlighter on the highest points of your cheek bones.

After a couple tries, this contouring technique will take you all but two minutes in the morning, and will have others thinking “did she get a facelift?!”


Beat a Makeup Meltdown

26 Jul

How fun is Bridal makeup! Here is a pic of a wedding we went to this Spring in Mexico. Our close friends were married on the beach…it was so romantic!


Makeup can definitely be challenging when you’re battling the heat. I suggest a product under your foundation that helps control shine. Such a Bare Minerals Prime Time Oil Control.


Slipping a shine control pressed powder in the purse is absolutely a must. I find it best to alternate powder with oil controlling sheets, as to avoid looking cakey, and if you start to perspire it’s best to use a tissue to blot and follow up with the powder.

Here’s to avoiding too much shine and looking dewy and polished!

Mail call! Pretty pretty colors

26 Jul

There is nothing better than receiving a package in the mail. I just love it! The thrill of ripping open the box, tossing the peanuts…tissue paper…bubble pack on the floor and uncovering your fun, new gifts. For me, there is really nothing better than a box filled with makeup! I get butterflies just thinking about it. Yesterday…I had a black box impatiently waiting for me at my front door.

The shimmery, the matte, the bold and the subtle colors all scattered within the box…wrapped up looking lovely.

Ok lets get to it. Here are the shadows!


Any time you purchase shadows it’s always great to buy at least two or three that you can wear together. For example a warm bronze with gold, or a deep blue with lilac. These lovlies will be added to my makeup kit and can be used on multiple eye colors. Oh the fun to be had!

And here are the lipsticks…ooh la la.


When I do Makeup Bag Makeovers with my clients, we talk about what they consider their most beautiful features, and to always pick a focal point with their makeup look. If you decide to play up your eyes, a great nude lip and subtle cheek are a good balance. You can also easily alter a nude lipstick by simply adding a colored gloss. Or you can lighten a deep lip color by mixing with your nude lipstick. The options are endless! You just might have that perfect color combo in your makeup bag and not even know it.

That’s all for now…I’m off to put together some new looks!

Makeup Bag Makeover

5 Jul

Hi Everyone! Check out this post by Mackenzie Image Consulting.

Ramblings of a client consultation – Success over Mother’s Day

We at MIC don’t usually toot our own horn, but when we received an email from Alesya, of Alesya Bags, we couldn’t resist sharing! We rarely get a chance to showcase client consults due to confidentiality reasons so we’re fortunate to have permission to share this client experience:

Alesya purchased a special Mother’s Day package, including a color analysisstyle assessment and makeup makeover, to surprise her Mom who was visiting. Her mom is now retired and not having to wear suits on a daily basis, which let’s face it, would throw any woman off when it comes to getting dressed. Changes in life bring changes in our wardrobe and style. It is something that has to be addressed, or you end up feeling overwhelmed. Alesya’s mom still wanted to look nice and put together, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish this with her new casual lifestyle.

We started by discussing her love of fashion, specific “looks” she was inspired by, as well as outfits she would never wear, all prompted by our style exercises and profiles. We went through MIC’s Pinterest style boards and defined the style she was now – Sporty – and the style she wanted to be – Elegant. After getting a solid grasp of her lifestyle and style goals, we moved on to the color consultation where we discovered the ideal colors and textures she should be wearing. She now has a small custom color kit to keep in her purse to refer to when she shops. We also went suggested ideas for accentuating her small waist and hourglass figure. After the consult, Alesya’s mom received an email with her coloring details, body type, style goals, store suggestions, tips, and examples. This way she had a feedback report of our consult and a starting point for developing her style.

Alesya sat with us during the consult and was kind enough to give us some great feedback:

  • “The follow up email from Megan is almost as valuable as the actual consultation!”
  • “Her whole life, my mom thought she had a triangle shaped body. Megan quickly informed her that she has a hourglass figure. Revelation!”
  • “The personalized color analysis was fantastic. Most surprising? The she looked better in shiny white than matte!”
  • “The Pinterest boards were SO helpful. It really made both me and my mom see she was dressing sporty while she wanted to dress elegantly. It also helped us see the difference between the two looks and what she was missing to transition from one look to the other.”

After my Color & Style Assessment, Kristin Pavo, owner of Finger Paint Makeup preformed a fabulous makeup consult.  Kristin went through all of her existing makeup, evaluating and discussing each product. She then gave product and several color suggestions. She put together three different looks for Alesya’s mom – giving variety without overwhelming her with too many options.

Alesya’s thoughts on Kristin’s consult:

  • “Kristin is, without question, the best make-up person we had ever met with. Her knowledge and love for the subject is second to none. She is a FIND!”
  • “The very next morning we got an email from Kristin with all her follow up suggestions. Amazing. My mom has already purchased several (if not all) of the items on her shopping list.”
  • “Every morning, my mom takes about 2 hours to get ready. I thought it was because of her perfectionist/high maintenance nature. It’s not! My mom really loves make-up – she said it brings out the artist in her. I had no idea. Kristin taught me something new about my own mother! Unbelievable.”

To Sum Up:

  • “Besides a new grandchild, it’s no exaggeration to say Megan and Kristin were the highlight of the year for my mom. And as the gift giver, I was thrilled to make her happy! Best Mother’s Day gift ever.”

We love helping our clients’ look and feel better about themselves, along with making their lives easier. The client feedback we receive is essential for us to maintain the value of our consultations. Thank you, Alesya, for kindly sharing your experience!


Lead Client Consultant

Mackenzie Image Consulting

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This brought me back…

19 May

We went over to our neighbors house tonight…and to my delight their little ones took out their makeup for us to play with. A rainbow of colors…cases of cupcake-shaped lipglosses. This brought me back to the days where I’d sneak into my Mom’s bathroom drawer and apply her ‘rouge’ to my cheeks. The brighter the pink the better! I just had to share!




A sweet reminder that makeup should always be fun…

Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...

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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


We LOVE beauty, but are PASSIONATE about brushes!

You can have it all.

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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...