What’s in my holiday clutch?

30 Nov

How fun is it to get all dolled up for the holidays!?  Some of you may be thinking, oiy another holiday party…filled with introductions, small talk and fruit cake (do people make those anymore?).   The first thing that comes to mind as I write this is Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City running through the streets of New York searching for Big in her high heel Louboutins and fur coat.  As you think about what to wear, who you’ll meet and what you’ll eat…let’s take a moment to consider what will touch your lips…I mean the shade of lipstick, not the snow flake tinted wine glass.  What will you bring to these gatherings in your sparkly little clutch?

If you’re headed out on the town for a simple holiday dinner, a lipstick and pressed powder will do.  But if you are out for appetizers, cocktails, dinner and more cocktails…you might want to be prepared for pictures, meeting new faces, and some smooching under the mistletoe.

Let’s take a peak into my holiday clutch shall we?

The lips:  Revlon Matte “Really Red” will be in my bag this year.  I love a matte, red lip.  If you prefer a touch of gloss on top or by itself, I’ve included a lovely little holiday set from MAC Cosmetics.  The gloss is the consistency of their MAC Lipglass…think thick and super glossy.

The eyes:  When applying your makeup for a holiday night out, I definitely recommend applying an eye shadow primer under your shadow.  This will keep everything in the same spot all night long.  If by the eighth hour the party is less than exciting, you may want to stash your eye concealer in your clutch for a little pick-me-up.

The cheeks:  The pressed powder is a must, but only apply in the areas that need it.  This sounds obvious, but if you apply all over your face, you may end up looking rather lifeless when you leave the powder room (no pun intended).  So only apply in small areas of the face, concentrating on the most oily spots only.  Sometimes blush can rub off, so I add a little blush to my clutch, along with a travel brush for a little touch up.

Have fun with your makeup this holiday season!


3 Responses to “What’s in my holiday clutch?”

  1. sheerglitz November 30, 2011 at 13:17 #

    Im jealous of your make up clutch! I love Origins, and used to work for Benefit. Dallas = <3. Awesome post!

  2. Sarah Schwartz November 30, 2011 at 18:03 #

    Love! Thanks for the tips and ideas!

  3. Mary Ellen Hills December 1, 2011 at 03:27 #

    I have a Dazzle Dot Lipstick Mirror in my clutch. It’s attached to my Clinic lipstick. I can take it out and discreetly touch up my lipstick. I was at a party recently and had been yucking it up with the best of them, then I checked my teeth in my Dazzle Dot and found the dreaded dark green spinach between my teeth- Thank goodness I didn’t go all night like that!

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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...

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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...


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Welcome to my world of makeup! Fun with color, a touch of humor and something to inspire...

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